Photo by Toby Clare

Being Jesus for everyone we encounter.

That's our vision, and it's underpinned by our core values:

God’s Word God’s primary method of communication with humanity today is the Bible, and it can be relied upon to teach us what is right and wrong, to equip us for everything God has planned for us.

The Experience of Salvation Knowing that Jesus has made it possible for us to be made right with Him, has broken down the barriers between God and man that sin erected, and that we can spend eternity with Him face to face.

Prayer At all stages of our church life, prayer is our first port of call. Whatever we may be facing, God knows all and our first step is to take our praises, plans, challenges, frustrations, and concerns to Him.

The Holy Spirit’s Influence Allowing the Holy Spirit to fill each one of us completely to overflowing, uniting us together to better serve our community from the overflow.

People We exist to serve others, through welcoming them into community, accepting them as they are, and helping them grow into the plan God has for their lives.

Personal Involvement The opportunity for each person in our community to identify, understand, and put into practice their Spirit-given gifts and abilities, to bless and grow the church.

God’s Law of Love God’s law demonstrates to us what love looks like in action, both in the way we show love to Him and to each other. It provides the guard rail that protects us from falling into the loveless way of life.